3-Benefits-gaining from male circumcision over reducing HIV’s transmission rate

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Number one problem which causes patients extremely upset in my office it is the possibility of the HIV’s transmission after an unsafe sexual intercourse occurred. People have known on how to protect the HIV infection by wearing the condom while have sex. But what if the condom has tear or leak and sometime you out of control because of the alcohol turned you like a bulls in those night? I’ve been researching on how to reduce the possibility of the HIV infection while something unexpected happens, in that I found one is so privilege that is so called male-circumcision. In details…… let’s get start

We have already known that condom is one of the best protection on HIV

I got a solid information on male circumcision which is very advantage in medical conditions who practicing in phimosis “a congenital narrowing of the opening of the foreskin so that it cannot be retracted” the bacterial infected of the foreskin. I’m so thrill to explain you on how the circumcision will take advantage in the protecting and reducing the HIV’s transmission rate while an unsafe sexual have lure.

Several quality-literatures have shown from 60% – 70% has good chance in term of the reducing of an HIV’s transmission rate, especially, for a men who have done the circumcision comparing to a men who have not yet done the circumcision. This point has been deriving all researchers tried to figure out the best answer and here it is – the foreskin is a major part of an HIV transmission, then I will tell you why.

HIV issue always upset patients whom possibly infect
  1. The HIV’s targeted cells which is lies on foreskin tissue
    • A strong evidences shows that the primary target cell for an HIV virus is “Langerhans cells” the natural human’s white blood cell which predominant in the inner foreskin and male circumcision is the operation which removing them out.
  2. The inner foreskin so soft and the tissue all over penis is not that strong
    • From the fact that HIV transmission occur by the exposure to vaginal secretion of HIV-positive patients through the skin. A strong skin tissue will give such a protective effective way to against the transmission, but unfortunately, the inner foreskin is not that strong.  Lots of evidence shows that inner foreskin containing less Keratinized layer which is functioning on the skin protection from the infection process.
    • Worse than that, inner foreskin is easy to get abrasion or tear down during sexual activity, so the risk of the HIV’s transmission will going high in this situation.
  3. Normal flora on the inner skin may increase the HIV transmission rate flying high
    • A very interesting literature highlight on the normal flora that lives on the inner foreskin produce a pro-inflammatory agent which is encouraging the HIVs easily to meet up with Langerhans cells.

It seems like living without the foreskin penis gaining lot more benefits than ever since. It still questionable whether doing the circumcision will help us to protect the HIV’s transmission by the way?  Alright, you must stick with the absolute indication on how circumcision benefit to you as I have mentioned above or socio-cultural issues may be better.

If you have questions, please text me or contact your trusted urologist for more.

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