Pediatric Circumcision: Does all kids need to do so?

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As a parental obligation and responsibility, we consider on something that could possibly put our kids away from the unnecessary operation right? The non-retractile preputial skin or in medical term “Phimosis”, is a common issue in pediatric urology sector came along with a very frequently questions, for example; Does my son must do pediatric circumcision? Is it dangerous? What should we do? When the optimum time for the proper surgery or is there any alternative options which is not end up with blade and scissor? In this topic, I will mainly focus only on the disease-related phimosis, and no longer discuss or mention something that involve with the religious-issue.

Pediatric Circumcision: Does all kids need to do so?
Phimosis is one most common concerned among parents

Phimosis can be divided into 2 categories

  1. Physiologic phimosis or naturally phimosis which reported up to 96% in newborns.
  2. Pathological phimosis which happens from the inflammation process such as skin infection or pre-cancerous lesion.
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Happy child bring happiness to his parents

Not all boys need pediatric circumcision.

Let’s pay attention to physiologic phimosis in pediatrics! The common presentation of physiologic phimosis is a urination balloon-like of the foreskin, especially for kids  whom age around 3 years. The important messages that Urologist want them to be aware of is to ensure or “reassuring” that the skin can be retracted by itself or not when the boys growing up. The physiologic phimosis will be naturally resolved by ages, which is counted for 10% remains at 3 years old and only 1% remains at 17 years old. Better than the observation, there is a topical cream treatment shall have considered. A lots of literatures on the topical steroid apply directly at the phimosis skin are stated. The recommendation regimen is 4 weeks of topical treatment which literately reported for almost 70% of success rate, low risk and it can be repeatable. The pediatric circumcision will be considered as a last option if your boys suffered a penile skin infection which is caused from phimosis condition. If you have any questions, please talk or discuss about pediatric circumcision with your trusted urologist but if you want to inquire me, I’m glad and it’s my pleasure! Text me though.

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