Am I suffering a chronic prostate infection?

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As I’ve mentioned earlier about the complication of the improper acute prostate infection’s treatment which is highly skyrocket to 10% of chances that can be twisted into chronic issue which in medical term we called it as a “Chronic prostatitis”. In this topic we’ll extremely focus only on a chronic inflammation of the prostate gland once some man got through this suffering and they will literally realized it. For the aspect and nature of the history disease, it has dragging down the quality of lifestyle and affected almost the whole angles of lives.

Chronic prostatitis - Am I suffer with?
One cause of Chronic prostatitis is improper bacterial prostatitis treatment

The Chronic prostatitis has been reported for up to 9% in male patients and could possibly rise up to 50% for the recurrent rate. First of all, I have to divide the chronic prostatitis into 2 main factors category;

  1. Chronic bacterial prostatitis – We can get the evidences of the bacterial-involved -infection from the culturing.
  2. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome – There’s an absence evidence of bacterial-involved-infection from the culturing ***Unfortunately, most of patients are categorised in this group, and generally it makes the patients getting confused about the plan of treatment. They sometimes feeling hesitated and doubt about, more than that, they will came up with the idea of seeking the next medical advices and opinions. As much as the improper information they have, the more confusion will be with them.

Unfortunately, symptomatic of these diseases are the identical and can be something as below;

Possibly symptoms of Chronic prostatitis

  • Urinary-stuff
    • Urge to urinate and pass frequent especially in night-time
  • Sexual-stuff
    • Premature ejaculation, unusual sexual stimulation
  • Tenderness-stuff
    • Genital pain, rectal pain
  • Neurologic-stuff
    • Neuropathic pain
  • Infection-stuff
    • Pain while urinated and with a positive bacterial culture
  • Organ-specific-stuff
    • Prostate pain, bladder pain
  • Psychosocial-stuff
    • Depression, anxiety, or stress
Chronic prostatitis always drags down the quality of lifestyle and affects almost the whole angles of lives.

Once urologist being taken a clear medical history and physical examination. Then the investigations working up will be a tailor-made, by depends on the symptoms that patients have been complained and being got through. A definitely treatment will be synchronised with the evidences we’ve got.

Here are the ingredients of treatment modalities;

  1. Anti-inflammatory drug
  2. Anti-neuropathic pain drug
  3. Prostate disease medication
  4. Erectile dysfunction medication
  5. Oral steroid
  6. Herbal extraction
  7. Physiotherapy – Extracorporeal shockwave, Microwave thermotherapy, Acupuncture
  8. Psychological support

You will realized that the chronic prostatitis such a very hard-treated disease which normally cannot be well-controlled alone just with a simple mono-therapy, it needs longer duration of the trial and error somewhat, goes back to do the adjustment and correct it to the proper treatment. And requires such a strong relationship between patients and doctor. If you have any issue like this, you might be having a better discussion with your trusted urologist or it would be my honour if you’d like to text me.

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