What is the acute prostate infection?


Too many patients came to see me at the office with the same and lots of questions like, did I have the acute prostate infection or not? They really get upset with their urinary symptom. I will tell you what the acute prostate infection is and why it happens? That’s the most questions that I got and why it caused?

The medical term for acute prostate infection is “Acute prostatitis”. Basically, the symptoms will be like;

  1. High grade fever or chills
  2. Painful sensation when urinating
  3. Passing frequent of urine
  4. Malaise
  5. Pelvic pain
  6. Severe pain during prostate rectal examined
Acute prostate infection
Acute prostatitis mostly caused by bacteria

Normally, it is caused from bacterial infection – so called- E coli, and it is the most common pathogen. The running up pathogens are Neisseria or Chlamydia species which are very commonly saw in a sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Atypical pathogens can be found in high-risk patients. Infiltration to prostate’s natural immune defense by pathogens is the mechanism of infection. We will diversify the risk factors by ages as following;

  1. In young male, medical history of unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse can cause urethral infection, bladder infection or testicle infection then it will open up the gat for the pathogens to strut to the prostate gland.
  2. In elderly, medical history of prostate biopsy or prolonged urethral catheterization also considered as a risk elements.

When an acute bacterial prostatitis is suspected, a patient must be taking care or service by urologist for a proper management. Less than 10% of the cases that we could identify the pathogens by urine culture and hemoculture.  By the way, we still recommend a proper treatment for an acute bacterial prostatitis with antibiotic. The antibiotic it really good for prostatic tissue infiltration, because the prostate gland has very unique structures making the antibiotic’s effect perform less than it should be. Fluoroquinolone is the one that contained such good effect in prostatic tissue infiltration. Complications that can be experienced after the completion of the cures are;

  1. Risk of infertility issues
  2. Risk of disease progressive into a chronic prostatitis, epididymis or pyelonephritis
  3. 10% of cases may developed to chronic pelvic pain syndrome, an annoyed unexplained perineum discomfort

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