HPV Vaccination : The prevention of a Penile cancer and Genital warts

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HPV or Human papillomavirus, it is one of the most common viral infections that generally passed through the sexually contacted. It can be lead to a seriously diseases like; cervical cancer for female and penile cancer for male, more than that it’s probably cause the anal cancer or oropharynx cancer for both sexes either.

HPV Virus

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that there has been 14 million people infected the HPV every year. Over 100 subtypes of HPV have been identified so far, there’s a report that the active group who involved with the sexual intercourse are easily to get infected the virus at least one subtype of HPV for their lifetime despite, they have had only a single partner and using the condom to protect. HPV is easily to transmit and mostly are asymptomatic and usually disappear itself within few months, 90% disappear within 2 years. Very few number of patients that the HPV still persist and progress to be a cancer.

Not all of HPV subtypes are risky and become cancer; most of them can cause only cosmetic-frustrated condition like Genital warts. Only 2 strains of HPV, type 16 and 18 account are cause more than 70% of all cervical cancer cases.

There are 3 HPV vaccinations that approved by US FDA and CDC so far;

  1. Gardasil

Protect against 4 strains of HPV which cause 70% of all cervical cancer and most genital warts, suitable for male and female.

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HPV vaccine is more than just cervical cancer prevention
  1. Cervarix

Protect against 2 strains of HPV which cause 70% of all cervical cancer, suitable for female.

  1. Gardasil 9

Protect against 9 strains of HPV which cause 90% of all cervical cancer and most genital warts, suitable for male and female.

The question is; what is the benefit of HPV vaccination shot? Giving shot earlier to the young people always get better result, especially for people who have never had a sexual activity before a proper time defined. U.S – CDC recommendation that, 2 shots of vaccines for people who are under 15 year-old and 3 shots of vaccines for people who are above 15 year-old. The vaccination also beneficial for elderly who are individual, in this term it will refer to the condition of the genital wart’s reduction rate. There’s a confirmation study showed that the protection of HPV vaccine is a long lasting, the first HPV vaccination was introduced since 2006 and the protection has remains high in some individual. If you have questions or any assistance, please drop by my office. I’m glad to be your virtual assistant.

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