Balanoposthitis: Common penile skin infection

Penis is the male sex organ which lies in private area of gentlemen. In my opinion, this organ is very prioritized and valued equivalent to a couple parts like heart and brain in our physical body. If there’s something abnormal or unpleasant happening to our penis, it will cause sense or irritation and upset toContinue reading “Balanoposthitis: Common penile skin infection”

Clean Intermittent Catheterization: Why? And How?

Urinary bladder is an organ that has a major role on the emptying urine out of the body. But the process of aging or any kind of risk factors that elevated the degenerative of bladder developed faster, as result the normal function of the squeezing will remains incomplete and perhaps it could leads to theContinue reading “Clean Intermittent Catheterization: Why? And How?”

Am I suffering a chronic prostate infection?

As I’ve mentioned earlier about the complication of the improper acute prostate infection’s treatment which is highly skyrocket to 10% of chances that can be twisted into a chronic issue which in medical term we called it as a “Chronic prostatitis”. In this topic we’ll extremely focus only on a chronic inflammation of the prostateContinue reading “Am I suffering a chronic prostate infection?”

Am I suffering from the testicular infection?

Another common infection-relatively at the genitalia for Gentleman, that is so called- infected testicle which made patients come to see me along with the painful and swelling at his balls. As we knew that a simple men has 2 testes in his scrotal sac, but it is very uncommonly to be infected both of themContinue reading “Am I suffering from the testicular infection?”

3 Self-remedy prophylaxis for reducing cystitis in female recur

It does matter that cystitis recur, dramatically impacted on quality of life for women who have suffered the disease. As my experience, I literally talked with fewer patients whom frequently suffered the bladder infection almost every single month. This article will mainly describes about how to lowering the recurrence rate of Escherichia coli reinfection byContinue reading “3 Self-remedy prophylaxis for reducing cystitis in female recur”

Why my bladder getting infected again and again?

It has been lately that I have talked about the first episode of the bladder infection. That is so-called “Acute cystitis”. Even a completed course of proper treatments, numerous patients still complaint about the infection all over again and again through the entire year. The medical term of re-infection bladder episode despite offer a properContinue reading “Why my bladder getting infected again and again?”

What is the acute prostate infection?

Too many patients came to see me at the office with the same and lots of questions like, did I have the acute prostate infection or not? They really get upset with their urinary symptom. I will tell you what the acute prostate infection is and why it happens? That’s the most questions that IContinue reading “What is the acute prostate infection?”

Why my bladder got infected?

There are so many patients came to see me at my office complained about the bladder infected or in the medical term we have called it acute cystitis. They asked me “Why was it me?” a few of them are suffering this symptom from the beginning, and more has been went through this either symptomContinue reading “Why my bladder got infected?”

COVID-19 in Urologic Aspect: Q&A

During this period of time, I think ain’t body don’t know the COVID-19 or SARS-COV-2. The novel pandemic of the respiratory infection which is originated contagious virus from Wuhan, Mainland China. There have been many patients asked me that; does this virus impact urinary tract system? Well, let’s take a look together in Q&A (UpdatedContinue reading “COVID-19 in Urologic Aspect: Q&A”