Post-operative instruction; Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a permanent male contraceptive day-care operation which consumed duration times around 1 hour. It was more than just intraoperative technique; postoperative management is also an important method to make successful outcome in contraceptive aspect. This topic will show you how to take care yourself during postoperative period. Vasectomy Postoperative instructions Within one weekContinue reading “Post-operative instruction; Vasectomy”

Vasectomy-Reversal : What are the factors affect the success rate?

Due to in nowsdays the rate of divorced couples become higher, men whom ever underwent Vasectomy will change their mind and seek for the reversal procedure. There are a survey in US that 2% to 6% of Vasectomized men have to do reversal procedure. Day-care Vasectomy operation Let’s get start with Vasectomy first, the day-careContinue reading “Vasectomy-Reversal : What are the factors affect the success rate?”