Why my bladder got infected?

There are so many patients came to see me at my office complained on the bladder infection or in the medical term we have called it acute cystitis. They asked me “Why was it me?” a few of them are suffering this symptom from the beginning, and more has been went through this either symptomContinue reading “Why my bladder got infected?”

7 Supplements could be strengthen your sperm’s health

Infertility issue becomes more common presently. It was defined as the inability for getting pregnant after 12 months of a frequent and unprotected sexual intercourse. More than 50% caused by the male factor, this is called the Male- infertility. In this topic, I am going to talk about the 7 oral sperm supplements that youContinue reading “7 Supplements could be strengthen your sperm’s health”

Endoscopic holmium laser kidney stone surgery

The classical reports of endoscopic laser surgery in urinary tract stone have been launched by German and British since 1988s. With the extremely impressive success rate around 84%, the failure procedure were mainly caused by the flushing back of the ureteric stone to the kidney after being shot by the laser. Imagine that when the boxer punched directly to the face, naturally, theContinue reading “Endoscopic holmium laser kidney stone surgery”

8 good habits for the prevention of kidney stones formation

Kidney stones or urinary tract stones are the top urology’s issue in Cambodia. Many patients came to see me when they’ve had suffered from the stone pained or any complications related to the troublemaker that so called the- stone. When I have asked them about their lifestyle or daily routine habits as well as theirContinue reading “8 good habits for the prevention of kidney stones formation”

Have you ever feel urinating frequently without a cause?

There’re so many patients visiting my office with such problems—frequency of urination for years. They have visited so many clinics and hospitals. They have spending a ton of money without any specific diagnosis. Have you guys or your relatives ever experience in this kind of problem? If you have, you might get trouble with theContinue reading “Have you ever feel urinating frequently without a cause?”

Vasectomy-Reversal : What are the factors affect the success rate?

Due to in nowsdays the rate of divorced couples become higher, men whom ever underwent Vasectomy will change their mind and seek for the reversal procedure. There are a survey in US that 2% to 6% of Vasectomized men have to do reversal procedure. Day-care Vasectomy operation Let’s get start with Vasectomy first, the day-careContinue reading “Vasectomy-Reversal : What are the factors affect the success rate?”

Sexually transmitted diseases’ special urine test (STIs Multiplex PCR)

It’s been 4 years in Cambodia that I was exploring  my specialty, Noticeably, there’re so many patients who came to see me but deep down inside, they really want  to get counselling  over the Sexually transmitted disease (STD) issues.  Especially, people who got a very risky sexuality intercourse with a stranger partners which is newContinue reading “Sexually transmitted diseases’ special urine test (STIs Multiplex PCR)”

Should I go on the PSA screening test?

I have been practiced in Urology office so far. A simply consulting from the other departments is about-the references of total PSA value from the screening test which is considered 4.0 ng/mL as normal reference. This kind of problem made the patients suffered a lot, especially psychological harm and I spent a bunch times toContinue reading “Should I go on the PSA screening test?”

Do oysters improve libido?

Have you guys ever experienced when someone orders oysters, and friends joke saying, “Do you have plans with your wife or your girlfriend tonight?” I have heard that sentence so many times. So I wonder, do oysters have scientifically proven effects on improve libido? So I searched through literature. I could not find any scientific evidenceContinue reading “Do oysters improve libido?”

COVID-19 in Urologic Aspect: Q&A

During this period of time, I think ain’t body don’t know the COVID-19 or SARS-COV-2. The novel pandemic of the respiratory infection which is originated contagious virus from Wuhan, Mainland China. There have been many patients asked me that; does this virus impact urinary tract system? Well, let’s take a look together COVID-19 in UrologyContinue reading “COVID-19 in Urologic Aspect: Q&A”