Today, I’m going to introduce you a novel circumcision technique that’s so-called a Circumcision stapler. Circumcision operation is one of the most frequent operations I have ever done at Urology clinic. It has been reported on a significant decreasing risk of sexually transmitted disease such as genital ulcer disease, human papillomavirus (HPV) or even human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) for instant. Furthermore, it is able to improve on penile hygiene which gives it a benefit of the penile skin infection and penile cancer prevention.

Circumcision Stapler: A better way for circumcision
Phimosis issue is the most common indication for circumcision.

As the matter fact that the better cosmetic and less complications outcome of the conventional circumcision procedure can be prospected by an experienced-only-urologist, that’s why the circumcision stapler was invented. With its unique functions, it is able to cut the foreskin and seal the wound with the staplers at the same time, resulting very less of bleeding during the procedures.

Circumcision Stapler: A better way for circumcision
Experienced urologist can perform better in term of cosmetic outcome with less complications.

Regarding to the success of the circumcision stapler technique, meaning that it isn’t designed only for the poorly trained urologist, but it’s been using by a good hand and either showed a lot of benefit of it. I will make an evidence-based comparison between circumcision stapler and conventional circumcision.

Circumcision Stapler: A better way for circumcision
Better postoperative cosmetic bring more self-confident.

Head-to-head between Circumcision stapler & Conventional circumcision technique.

割礼ホッチキスConventional circumcision
Operative timeLess thanMore than
Blood loss during operationLess thanMore than
Pain during operationLess thanMore than
Pain after operationLess thanMore than
Healing timeFasterLonger
Operative costMoreLess
Limited indicationはいいいえ

It is noticeable that the Circumcision stapler seems to be an absolute winner when compared to the conventional circumcision technique but seeming like it was rarely in use. Circumcision stapler technique is not suitable for someone who had an abnormal perpetual skin lesion; therefore, the patients should see the urologist first for their physical examination before doing any procedure related to the circumcision techniques.

Circumcision Stapler: A better way for circumcision
If circumcision stapler is done by a good hand urologist, best surgical outcome might be prospected.

As of each technique has their own pros and cons, to be better you should talk to your trusted urologist prior taking of each circumcision technique. Good luck! And I will see you in the next article.

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