Pediatric Circumcision: Does all kids need to do so?

As a parental obligation and responsibility, we consider on something that could possibly put our kids away from the unnecessary operation right? The non-retractile preputial skin or in medical term “Phimosis”, is a common issue in pediatric urology sector came along with a very frequently questions, for example; Does my son must do pediatric circumcision?Continue reading “Pediatric Circumcision: Does all kids need to do so?”

Am I suffering from the testicular infection?

Another common infection-relatively at the genitalia for Gentleman, that is so called- testicular infection which made patients come to see me along with the painful and swelling at his balls. As we knew that a simple men has 2 testes in his scrotal sac, but it is very uncommonly to be infected both of themContinue reading “Am I suffering from the testicular infection?”

3 Self-remedy prevent bladder infection in female

It does matter that cystitis recur, dramatically impacted on quality of life for women who have suffered the disease. As my experience, I literally talked with fewer patients whom frequently suffered the bladder infection almost every single month. This article will mainly describes about how to prevent bladder infection or lowering the recurrence rate ofContinue reading “3 Self-remedy prevent bladder infection in female”

7-self-solve for improving premature ejaculations

Have you ever been premature ejaculation? I bet most gentlemen including me, will have been through this problem at least a couple time in our entire lives. If PE (premature ejaculation) doesn’t cause or rarely cause you, it won’t be a problem and it is fine, in the contrary, if it does cause you moreContinue reading “7-self-solve for improving premature ejaculations”

3-Benefits-gaining from male circumcision over reducing HIV’s transmission rate

Number one problem which causes patients extremely upset in my office it is the possibility of the HIV’s transmission after an unsafe sexual intercourse occurred. People have known on how to protect the HIV infection by wearing the condom while have sex. Has anyone know that circumcision might has protective effect on this? Curious? let’sContinue reading “3-Benefits-gaining from male circumcision over reducing HIV’s transmission rate”

What is Benign Prostatic disease? Would you possibly get rid of it?

BPH or Benign prostatic hyperplasia is one of the most complaining issue in my office and it is gradually annoying urinary symptoms especially for the elderly male. The complaint can be manifested with a various kind of symptoms as following; Symptoms suspected BPH. Weak urinary stream which make straining habits Inability to completely empty theContinue reading “What is Benign Prostatic disease? Would you possibly get rid of it?”

Bladder cancer, so do I?

Bladder cancer is the most common cancer in our urinary tract system. Blood in urine (Hematuria) without pain. In the classical normal appeared symptoms, there have been 2 major risk factors that could lead to the cancer. Smoking and Occupational exposure to certain chemicals. We will talk a little bit in detail about that. 2Continue reading “Bladder cancer, so do I?”

Why my bladder getting infected again and again?

It has been lately that I have talked about the first episode of the bladder infection. That is so-called “Acute cystitis”. Even a completed course of proper treatments, numerous patients still complaint about recurrent bladder infection through the entire year. The medical term of re-infection bladder episode despite offer a proper treatment is being calledContinue reading “Why my bladder getting infected again and again?”

Do all kidney stones will need therapeutics?

Another simplicity consulting in my office which is came from the health checkup program, it was a kidney stone finding coincidently. The most common imaging modality, which had offered generally in health checkup, it was an ultrasonography. Ultrasonography is a medical instrument which is Pros and easy to perform it was save money and whileContinue reading “Do all kidney stones will need therapeutics?”

Erectile Dysfunction: 4 Pillars of the ED problems causing

No doubt that nowadays the so- called ED or the Erectile Dysfunction would be a major concern for gentleman. It’s so surprised that this problem is happening frequently in a juvenile. I often take care of this problem for patients who are at age 20 years old. Let’s get start it! What is Erectile dysfunction? Continue reading “Erectile Dysfunction: 4 Pillars of the ED problems causing”