Uroflowmetry, a non-invasive way to measure urine strength.

Uroflowmetry, a non-invasive way to measure urine strength.

Today we will figure out about the Uroflowmetry’s utility. I do have a lot of patients who visit my urology clinic with so much complained about a weakening urinary stream. This kind of symptom– a weak urination is very emotionally complaint, and it was hardly to do a scientifically measure among individuals. I always ran into some young patients that they complained a lot about a poor urinary stream’s strength but his urination still not so weak though. On the other hand, some elderly patients, they didn’t complain about those symptoms at all despite they possessed a very weak urination that need to do something very urgently before the retention of urine is going to be happen. Who really need to be treated? This is why we need the Uroflowmetry to answer this question.

Uroflowmetry, a non-invasive way to measure urine strength.

Uroflowmetry is a non-invasive Urology machine which aim to measure voiding volume, voiding time, average and maximum urine flow rates. Patient will be encouraged to urinate privately in the funnel that collects the urine and then all information will translate from machine, calculating and in resulting in printing out the papers.

Uroflowmetry can tell several essential things.

  • Maximum flow rate in milliliters per second (mL/sec)
    • In gentleman, should more than 15 mL/sec, less than 10 mL/sec is considered as abnormal.
    • In lady, a normal range should between 20 – 36 mL/sec.
  • Average flow rate
  • Time to reach maximum flow of urine.
    • Should be within 5 seconds after initial urination.
  • Totally void volume
Uroflowmetry, a non-invasive way to measure urine strength.
Gentleman setting
Uroflowmetry, a non-invasive way to measure urine strength.
Lady setting

Uroflowmetry is a key investigation to assess the treatment outcome of the following diseases.

  1. Gentleman
  2. Lady
Uroflowmetry, a non-invasive way to measure urine strength.
Royal Phnom Penh staffs during training how to use Uroflowmetry.

Royal Phnom Penh hospital is the only one hospital in Kingdom of Cambodia which already installed full-function and reliable Uroflowmetry machine for taking care of patients who need to do a scientifically measuring the symptom of “weak urinary streams”. If you have any question, please talk to your trusted urologist or you can leave me a message.

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