How much chances of pregnancy rate per month?

How much chances of pregnancy rate per month?
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Family planning for gentlemen is another duty at my urology clinic. Once a lot of gentlemen came and asked on how to get their partners pregnant, therefore, today we will talk more on how much pregnancy rate you can prospect per 1 menstrual cycle.

How much chances of pregnancy rate per month?
Pregnancy rate will be mentioned here.

First of all, we must know the definition of pregnancy rate in detail. There still no universal accepted definition on this, but in this topic, Pregnancy rate means ability to get positive pregnancy test in each ovulation cycle. Please do not confuse with living birth rate which is represents the chance of survival baby when delivery.

There were 2 interesting study which have done in England and States. They collected data in a fertility couple who had at least one child into the study which mean they are fertility. They planned to have a new baby and having a regular sexual intercourse. All data were interestingly reported as below.

How much chances of pregnancy rate per month?
The best chance of pregnancy rate will be a day before ovulation.
  1. > 40% chances of pregnancy you can get if you have sexual activity a day before ovulation – Best timing.
  2. > 30% chances of pregnancy you can get if you have sexual activity 2 day before ovulation – 2nd Best timing.
  3. Chance of pregnancy significantly dropped in the day of ovulation.
  4. Near zero chance of pregnancy when having sexual activity, a day after ovulation.
  5. There is no explanation related to the sex positions in pregnancy rate.
How much chances of pregnancy rate per month?
Hot bath must be avoided before sexual activity.

Several factors may help rising pregnancy rate.

  • Rising woman’s hip at least 10 centimeters after ejaculation to let gravity drawing the sperm into the cervix.
  • Avoid hot bath before sexual activity because high temperature possibly kills the sperm.
  • Avoid vaginal douching before and after sexual activity because those will interfere vaginal acidity and fertility-friendly cervical mucus.
  • Avoid all lubricants unless it’s been mentioned– sperm friendly.
How much chances of pregnancy rate per month?
Consider use only sperm friendly lubricants.

You must understand that there still a lot of factors lying ahead which could make the abortion during 10-month long of pregnancy, so the chance of a living birth delivery is significantly lower than the pregnancy rate I have mentioned above. Any questions, please talk to your trusted urologist or you can leave me some messages. Take care! And wish you all succeeds.

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