Sperm test or semen analysis interpretation

Sperm test or semen analysis interpretation
Dr Pom Getbutton
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Royal Phnom Penh hospital, Cambodia
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Male infertility is another common issue in my andrology office, and the sperm test or semen analysis is the key to open this padlock for the solution.  What is male infertility? Male infertility was suspects when the reproductive-aged of a couple couldn’t conceive after 1 year of unprotected sexual intercourse. It’s been showed; for up to 15% of a couple who experienced in infertility, and male is the common trigger for about 50% of cases.

Sperm test or semen analysis interpretation
Infertility issue bring nightmare to the couple whom suffer.

Good semen specimen should be as following

  • Collect during 3 – 7 days of the abstinence.
  • All specimens must be contained in the container which specific nontoxic to spermatozoa, any losing of sample shall report to the laboratory.
  • Sperm container must be kept in room temperature between 20 – 37 degrees Celsius.
  • Sample can be produced by masturbation or collect in nontoxic condom; Latex condom is not allowed.
  • Semen should be delivered to laboratory within 1 hour after collection.
Sperm test or semen analysis interpretation
It is better to know how to prepare good semen specimen for maximizing result accuracy.

World Health Organization has provided a normal reference of sperm test or semen analysis as following

  1. Volume > 1.5 mL
    • Low semen volume considered as abnormal – For example
    • Retrograde ejaculation, incomplete semen collection, ejaculatory duct problem
  2. pH > 7.2
  3. Sperm concentration > 15 million per mL
    • Less than 10 million sperm per mL considered as abnormal – For example
    • Endocrine-related issues – Abnormal with Testosterone, FSH, LH or prolactin
  4. Total sperm number > 39 million sperm per ejaculation
  5. Morphology > 4% normal form
    • Abnormal value suggests spermatogenesis problem
  6. Vitality > 58% live sperm
    • Abnormal value suggests epididymal-related problem
  7. Progressive motility > 32%
  8. Total (progressive motility and non-progressive motility) > 40%
  9. No sperm agglutination
  10. Viscosity < 2 cm after liquefaction
  11. Inflammation cell < 1 million WBC per mL
    • Abnormal value suggests genital tract infection

If the sperm test or semen analysis results in normal range that mean only 1 semen test might be enough, and up to 2 – 3 repeated tests will give us more accurate results. Moreover, if we can find the cause of an abnormal sperm test or semen analysis then we can fix it, semen analysis must be repeated later 3 months due to completion of another spermatogenesis cycle.

I hope you can figure it out the answer with my sperm test or semen analysis topic. For further questions, please talk to your trusted andrologist or you can text me if you want to. See you in the next topic!

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