Lycopene: How much do we need to take in prevention of prostate cancer?

Lycopene: How much do we need to take in prevention of prostate cancer?
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Soarawee Weerasopone, Urologist

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Lycopene, the antioxidant which rich in tomato, carrot, watermelon, and papaya widely being mentioned in general audiences for the prevention of prostate cancer’s supplements. This topic will give you more detail related to the magic-like antioxidant.

Q&A on Lycopene

Q: What is Lycopene?

A: It is a pigment that we can find in plants known as carotenoids. Carotenoids produce colors ranging from yellow, orange, and red colors.

Ketchup is a good choice.

Q: Hit-to-the-point question, dose it scientifically help preventing of a prostate cancer?

A: Yes, it is but it’s only helps when it will be taken at least 9 mg daily.

Q: How much prostate cancer risk lowering while getting over 9 mg of lycopene for daily taken?

A: 2.1% prostate cancer risk reduction

Q: How much Lycopene we can find in daily products?

A: It’s amount will be presented in range (I will pay attention on tomato)

  1. Ketchup contains 9.9 – 13.44 mg per 100 grams
  2. Fresh tomato contains 0.88 – 7.74 mg per 100 grams
  3. Tomato juice – very varied which you can see at at the nutrition fact labeling on the container or bottle
Lycopene: How much do we need to take in prevention of prostate cancer?
Spagetti sauce is a good choice.

Q: What if I drink tomato juice every day because seems like easily to get enough lycopene?

A: Unfortunately, for how much tomato juice you can take at a time – the average absorption in the intestine can be absorbed only 4.7 mg per one serve of tomato juice due to the limitation of the bioavailability.

Q: So which source of daily products do I need to concentrate to get enough amount per day?

A:  Study showed that lycopene will increase its bioavailability when thermal processing is done for example ketchup, spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce.

Lycopene: How much do we need to take in prevention of prostate cancer?
Pizza sauce is a good choice.

I hope you can get some idea when you are seeking for lycopene supplements for the prostate cancer prevention. For more details or question please talk to your trusted urologist or text me.

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