Erectile dysfunction preventive strategy with physical activity

Erectile dysfunction preventive strategy with physical activity
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Erectile dysfunction preventive strategy with physical activity
No one would like to suffer ED

Erectile dysfunction issue is classified as one among the top-ranking topics in my Urology office. While this embarrassing problem severely upset for one whom experienced in this condition, as they always try their best to revive this vital organ from the illness. The most common and easiest recommendation from the physicians are just simple sentence “Please do exercise regularly”. Lots of questions got into patients’ minds that the physicians sometimes inabilities to clarify all answers due to the limited time. This topic will disclose with the evidence-based on medicine.

Erectile dysfunction preventive strategy with physical activity
Have you ever curious what is the real definition of “Regular exercise”?

Erectile dysfunction preventive strategy Q&A

Question : Who will get benefits from the exercise?

Answer : Everyone will, except the one who had a history of invasively treated ischemic heart disease.

  • Because a severe ischemic heart disease patient must use drugs regimens that can worsen the erectile dysfunction.
  • Exertion tolerance problem which cannot be reached the optimum intensity
Erectile dysfunction preventive strategy with physical activity
Patient with history of invasively treated ischemic heart disease is not suitable to do exercise.

Question : What kind of exercise is been recommended?

Answer : Moderate to vigorous intensity exercise

  • Aerobic exercise – Running, fast walking, jogging, cycling, swimming
Erectile dysfunction preventive strategy with physical activity
Bicycling is one of the recommended physical activities.

Question : Can weight-resistant training also improve erectile dysfunction?

Answer : Weight-resistant training cannot improve erectile dysfunction as mono-modality. It must be combined with aerobic modality which have mentioned above

Erectile dysfunction preventive strategy with physical activity
Swimming is one kind of recommended physical activity.

Question : How about pelvic floor muscle exercise?

Answer : The literatures were firmly said that “NO” any erectile dysfunction improvement from pelvic floor exercise.

Question : How many minutes per exercise session should be?

Answer : The optimal session should be

  • 40 minutes per session, 4 times a week (160 minutes weekly)
  • ***If you can increase exercise sessions to 200 – 300 minutes weekly, it will improve greater than 160 minutes weekly.

Question : How long should I expect erectile dysfunction improvement from the optimal exercise?

Answer : 6 months after regular optimal exercise session

  • Since the shortest training period which show significant ED improvement was 2 months, then you can prospect to notice something change within 2 months.

Question : Do I need to continue any ED specific treatment while doing exercise?

Answer : The papers showed that when the combination with ED specific treatment, you can prospect the outcome more than exercise sessions alone.

These all the recommended summarized sentences which I always tell my patients.

  1. Regular moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise
  2. 40 minutes per session
  3. 4 times per week
  4. At least 6 months long

I hope my article can get help you to clarify your doubt in mind, what does the doctors mean? A “Regular exercise”? Any questions, you can talk to your trusted andrologist or it would be my pleasure if you text me. See you in the next article!

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