Testosterone injection: How to do it by yourself

Testosterone injection: How to do it by yourself
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This topic, we will discuss on how to do self Testosterone injection via muscle which can treat one out of four in Erectile dysfunction issues.

Testosterone injection: How to do it by yourself
Low in serum testosterone cans possibly leading to lots of problems which Testosterone replacement therapy can improve this.

Since we all know that testosterone deficiency syndrome is an age-dependent disease and getting more and more concerning among gentlemen nowadays. Low in serum testosterone cans possibly leading to loss of energy mood, depression or even erectile dysfunction. There are 3 routes of FDA-approved the testosterone supplements administration.

  1. Oral testosterone route
  2. Topical testosterone transdermal route
  3. Intramuscular testosterone injection route

There’re always been Pros and Cons among each administration routes, which today we are going to focus only on intramuscular route. In general, this route is done by medical professions at the clinical setting and the most significant site of injection is at the buttock area.

By the way, some testosterone injection supplement regimens for example, Testoviron (Testosterone Enanthate) 250 mg must be injected in every 2 – 3 weeks which is made the patients a difficult time to arrange the available schedule to be at the hospital. Several patients asked me – could they do a self-injection or not? The answer is “yes, but not at the buttock”. The recommendation site for self-intramuscular injection is, the thigh area, I will show you how to do it.

Testosterone injection: How to do it by yourself
Thigh area is the suitable site for self intramuscular injection.

***First of all, I must tell you that DO NOT do the #1 testosterone injection attempt by your own, you must be supervised by a medical profession till you’ve got competency.

Testosterone injection: How to do it by yourself
You MUST NOT do the #1 testosterone injection attempt by your own.

Landmark of testosterone injection site

  • Middle of outer thigh area
  • Split the outer thigh into 3 imaginary area
    • Near the buttock
    • Middle part –> this is the injection site
    • Near the knee

Things need to be prepared

  1. Alcohol rub
  2. Testoviron 250 mg vials ***don’t forget to check expired date
  3. 3 mL syringe
  4. Needle No.18 for drawing Testoviron from vial
  5. Needle No.24 for injection

Instructions on Self Testosterone injection via muscle

  1. Sit on the comfortable chair and well-prepared sets.
  2. Make a decision on which thigh is going to be injected.
  3. Make an imaginary injection site at the middle part of outer thigh.
  4. Rub alcohol at the middle outer thigh until it is dried.
  5. Draw Testoviron 250 mg from the vial with 3 mL syringe + Needle No.18.
  6. Get rid of all air from Testoviron solution in the 3 mL syringe (Air is not allowed to be injected in our body).
  7. Removed Needle No.18 and recap with Needle No.24 ready for self-injection.
  8. Slowly inserted Testoviron solution in 3 mL syringe with Needle No.24 into the middle part of outer thigh till all metallic part of the needle buried into the skin.
  9. Gently pulling syringe to make sure that the end part of needle is not passing into the blood vessel.
  10. Slowly push Testoviron till all solution is infused into the muscle.
  11. Remove the needle from the thigh and then compress the injection site with sponge for several minutes.

Minor side effect from intramuscular injection

  • Muscle pain at the injection site
Testosterone injection: How to do it by yourself
Young sport man with strong athletic legs holding knee with his hands in pain after suffering ligament injury isolated on white.

Again, I must repeat that you must perform the self-intramuscular injection under supervision by medical professions until you become competent first before you do your own. Any questions, please make a discussion with your trusted Urologist or it would be my honor if you text me. See you in next article.

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