Varicocele treatment: An oral medication role

Varicocele treatment : An oral medication role

As I have been discussed about the varicocele disease which is able to affect male’s fertilization in the beginning.  I also have mentioned that the most gentlemen who experienced in this problem, finally, will end up by a surgical correction. This topic will be shown another alternative oral medication that could possibly improve on symptomatic varicocele treatment.

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Varicocele treatment : An oral medication role
The Varicocele causing infertility and testicular discomfort.

At the beginning, we must know for how the varicocele harms us. Normally, the testicle function well with the temperature around 35 degrees centigrade. When varicocele introduces venous back flow to the affected testis, bringing the blood which is temperature around 37 degrees centigrade, as equally to the core temperature, it raises up the testicular temperature, then causing infertility and testicular discomfort.

Varicocele treatment : An oral medication role
The varicocele pathophysiology is just like the varicose vein which happen at the leg.

Let’s get back to the role of an oral medication in varicocele treatment! From literatures I have reviewed, there is only one scientific-approved tablet name “Micronized purified flavonoid fraction” or MPFF, which help improve on symptomatic varicocele. MPFF improves venous tone and contractility and decreases venous blood pressure. Normally, vascular surgeons use MPFF in varicose veins of lower extremities.

Varicocele treatment: An oral medication role
Symptomatic varicocele can be improved with oral medication.

Varicocele treatment: Oral medication strategy

There was a literature showing a trial on MPFF since 2005 and here is the result.

  1. Testicular discomfort – after 6 months of MPFF oral medication
    • 87.5%  more likely free from testicular discomfort
    • 12.5%  more likely improved testicular discomfort
  2. Infertility – after 6 months of MPFF oral medication
    • Significantly improve sperm motility
    • Not improve in semen volume, semen concentration or morphology

MPFF might be a good alternative oral treatment for varicocele pain control for someone who wanted to avoid surgical management. But it seems like not so work on the improvement of the sperm quality. Any questions, you can discuss with your trusted andrologist or it would be my honor if you text me.

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