Chronic prostatitis: Treatment options

Chronic prostatitis: Treatment options
Dr Pom Getbutton
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Chronic prostatitis or a chronic inflammation of the prostate gland considered as a difficult-to-treat issue in Urology office. This topic will give you a whole picture in chronic prostatitis’ treatment. First, you must understand that this condition which is divided into 2 categories by its own natural history, which is the spectrum of management that will be totally different. Basically, there’s a ton of modalities which proposing in chronic prostatitis treatment but most of them show not clinically significant. This following recommendation based on scientific data is referenced from US literature have been published in 2000.

Chronic prostatitis: Treatment options
Most common etiology of Chronic prostatitis is bacterial-caused.

Chronic prostatitis treatment recommendation

  1. Bacterial-caused prostatitis
    • Antibiotics
      • Ciprofloxacin – 75% curing rate with up to 259 days of treatments
      • Amoxicillin-clavulanate – 6 weeks of alternative in suspected ciprofloxacin resistant pathogen
      • Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole – 67% curing rate with up to 140 days of treatments
    • Alpha blockers
      • Terazosin or Alfuzosin when use in combination with antibiotic, shows a scientific clinical significantly
        1. Higher rate of improvement
        2. Lower rate of recurrence
Chronic prostatitis: Treatment options
Long term oral antibiotic is recommended when suspected bacterial-caused prostatitis.
  1. Nonbacterial-caused prostatitis
    • Alpha blockers
      • Terazosin or Alfuzosin when use in combination with antibiotic, shows a scientific clinical significantly
        1. Higher rate of improvement
        2. Lower rate of recurrence

You can see that not too much evidence-based on treatment options in chronic prostatitis management. By the way, this kind of disease, required us to have a proper designation on the treatment options as a tailor-made among individual based on their complaint and symptoms because the main objective in chronic prostatitis treatment is to get them “improving on quality of life”.

Chronic prostatitis: Treatment options
“Improving on quality of life” is the main treatment objective.

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