How erectile dysfunction is been improved by LI-ESWT

Penile shockwave
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This topic we will make a discussion about the world promising Erectile dysfunction shockwave application, Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy or (LI-ESWT). There is no any doubt that erectile dysfunction or ED issue is getting more and more complaint nowadays. Youth or younger male patients are keeping visiting me at andrology office more frequently. As I have already mentioned on the 4 major causes on the erectile dysfunction and oral tablet which is improving on ED.

Erectile dysfunction shockwave by LI-ESWT
Penile shockwave application is a perfect solution in male erectile dysfunction.

Before this world is getting to know with the Erectile dysfunction shockwave application, a fail-oral-tablet-therapy on ED patients has been advised to do the other aggressive treatments such as;

  • Intracorporeal injection – Direct to the penile self-injection every single time before sexual activity
  • Penile prosthesis – A major penile surgery which required high level of surgical team and experiences.
Royal Phnom Penh hospital is currently providing world latest LI-ESWT service.

The possibility complications obtaining from those aggressive treatments for example, pain or hematoma at the injection site, priapism, prosthesis surgical site infection or prosthesis malfunction are reporting which make so much concerning for the patients.

The first official publication on Erectile dysfunction shockwave application literature was found since 2010 and absolutely fulfilled with all the patient’s requirements as following

  1. Significantly scientific proving in ED treatment
  2. Possibility treatment still fail-oral-tablet-therapy on ED patients
  3. Day-care less invasive procedure
  4. No serious side effects (must have a well-trained andrologist)
Happy sexual life
Good sexual life leads to good relationship.

The positive effects of Erectile dysfunction shockwave by LI-ESWT are shown as below

  1. Short term response
    • Improving arterial pressure inside the penis resulting in ED improvement
    • Scientific confirmed on synergistic effect on oral ED therapy
  2. Long term response
    • New blood vessel regeneration
    • Restoration of nerve fiber
    • Reduction of the natural scarring process
    • Improving on the smooth muscle relaxation
Taking a good care with erectile dysfunction make perfect relationship.

Erectile dysfunction shockwave application seems to be the shading light in the dark cave, but in the meantime there’s some limitations are reporting as below.

  1. LI-ESWT sessions must be maintained over time. There was a report that
    • 10% of post-ESWT patient’s complaining about the ED after 3 months of the treatment
    • More than 40% complaining about ED after 2 years of the treatment
    • The LI-ESWT maintaining program be like a tailored-made among individuals
  2. Spinal cord injuries patients will not get any benefit from LI-ESWT
    • Since the brain must be connected with the penile tissue so the disconnected of this system from cutting-off spinal cord will permanently destroying the erection functioning
  3. An untreated low testosterone patients
    • Hormonal issue is 1 of 4 important causes of ED patients
    • Testosterone replacement therapy must be treated along the way

I can say that LI-ESWT will be the primary weapon against ED instead of choosing the oral medication without any clock telling. Any questions, you’re motivating to discuss with your trusted andrologist. See you in next article!

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