Post-Circumcision instructions

Post circumcision instructions
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Regarding to tons of patients which I have done a circumcision so far, and the more important method is that the postoperative management. So, in this topic we will pay much more attention on the proper postoperative circumcision instructions for all my patients.

The Sleeve technique circumcision is named as the best surgical technique.

Firstly, the circumcision technique which I have done is the best technique named “Sleeve technique” The patient will gain maximum benefit in term of cosmetic aspect and here are my enhancing instructions.

During 6 hours after the operation.

  • Your penis still feels numbness due to the penile nerve block effect still existed.
  • You can urinate as usual.
  • Please don’t open the pressure dressing yet. The dressing will secure the minor bleeding which can possibly happen after the operation.
  • You can slowly open the pressure dressing tomorrow in morning. If anything unusual happen, please feel free to contact me.
Post circum medication
Please complete all antibiotic and anti-inflammatory tablets I have prescribed.

During 1 week after the operation.

  • Completing the oral antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drug as I prescribed.
  • You can take shower as usual but try to avoid the surgical wound area from water and shower soap because they can cause you an irritating feeling.
  • Apply Terramycin antiseptic ointment at surgical wound twice a day after shower.
  • The natural phenomenal called a “Morning penile erection” can makes you irritated or uncomfortable because it was stretching the surgical wound’s tissue. Normally no need to take pills to softening but in some case that the erection is too hard for them, so please let me know so we can correct it properly.
  • No sexual activities allowed.
  • No heavy exercise allowed; like, Jogging, Marathon, Bicycling
  • Walking is fine.
  • Sedentary lifestyle would be allowed but the outfield duties might be agreed if you’re under a good caring.
  • You’ll be recommended to wear loose boxer style underwear rather than tight conventional underwear.

While 1 week postoperatively has passed, you will feel more comfortable at your surgical wound and all blood crust may be peeled off completely.

Heavy exercise is allowed at #2 week postoperatively.

During 2 – 4 weeks after operation.

  • No need to apply Terramycin antiseptic ointment anymore because your skin naturally sealed up.
  • The surgical stitches which is absorbable will gradually peel off one by one and completely gone within 1 month (The maximum lifespan of surgical stitches is 1 month, that’s why they all going to go just within 1 month)
  • Heavy exercise would be allowed under a good caring, I mean you should gradually step up the exercise intensity by yourself.
  • Outfield duty would be allowed.
  • You can wear any kind of underwear as you want to.
  • No sexual activities allowed, despite the surgical wound were seal already, but it is not strong enough to bear this kind of intense activity, better wait and patiently.

The after 4 weeks of the operation.

  • You can notice on how good your surgical wound is.
  • You’re able to do everything that you want to.
Circumcised penis with maximized cosmetic outcome will be shown 4 weeks postoperatively.

For more questions in this topic, please feel free to text me. Enjoy with your awesome brand-new cannon!

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