What is the best antibiotic for urinary bladder infection in Cambodia?

Best ATB for cystitis
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A simple question when patients suffered from a bladder infected in my office; “What is the best single oral antibiotic that guarantee the bladder infections improving?” All I can say is “Impossible to find the best kind of antibiotic” when the bladder infection can be caused by varieties of bacterial species. Each one of those more likely susceptible to the difference class of antibiotic. The principle, we must define who were our enemy by the urine culturing.

Upset patient
Improper antibiotic use in Cambodia make lots of incompletely cured bladder infection.

In theory, for all patient who experienced the painful urinating, frequent urination, pubic area discomfort and bloody urinating, these all of the suspicious bladder infection unless proven has been reported. Urine culture is simply recommended for the investigating issues; urine culture will take more days to get result after collecting urine specimen and kind of delaying the treatment if we want to wait to ensure the causes. So, the broad-spectrum antibiotic that capable to cover almost-all possibly bacterial infection will be prescribed to the patient first until we are getting know the exact enemy. While we can define the true enemy, then we can prepare the correct-bullet- antibiotic to welcome them. It means we will use the target-antibiotic to root out the cause of the bacteria.

Urine culture
Urine culture is the key for accurate bladder infection treatment.

The reason that why won’t we use the broad-spectrum antibiotic to eradicate those all bacteria? The reason is, the more unnecessary antibiotic using, the more drug-resistance bacteria happening in the future, that in Cambodia currently patients are facing this kind of problem. The drug-resistance bacteria happening when patients begin their treatment at the local clinic. They were given some kind of a broad-spectrum antibiotic, in consequence, symptom will be improved for a while then drug-resistance happening and finally the patients will recommend seeing urologist like me for further management or I can say that late.

Drug resistant bacteria
Antibiotics resistance concept. Medical research of super bacteria. Futuristic glowing low polygonal antibiotics pills, bacteria on Petri dish isolated on dark blue background. Vector illustration.

The appropriate antibiotic using on bladder infections

  1. Patient presents symptom that indicated bladder infection suspects
  2. Using a proper broad-spectrum antibiotic for a specific bladder infection
  3. Spending time for the result from the urine culture (Several days)
  4. The adjustment specifically for antibiotic directly to the bacterial pathogen
Prevention cystitis
Urologist must always counsel the patient how to prevent themselves from bladder infection in the future.

Despite the correct methodology for treatment is considered important, the prevention for the next infection is either important. We must give a good advice and educate patients on how to change their lifestyle in order to reducing a bladder infection that it can recur in the future. Generally, the infection can cause 1 time or none to the patient is acceptable. If you have any questions, please discuss with your trusted urologist or I am very gladly if I can answer your questions. Have a nice day!

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