Prostate cancer risk’s reduction by frequent ejaculation

Frequent ejaculation
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Prostate cancer has been reported as the most common diagnosed in male malignancy worldwide, with more than 1 million newly diagnosed and also 400,000 deaths annually. Luckily that a majority of this cancer was a slowly growing type with limited aggressiveness. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA), still the physician’s primary weapon in screening prostate cancer due to this kind of cancer such a silent murderer, no symptom present until the last stage shown and it too late. 

Prostate cancer risk’s reduction by frequent ejaculation
Prostate cancer is a silent murderer which PSA blood test can be used in screening program.

Those Interested questions come up like; do we have any protective behavior on cancer prevention? While I’m doing the research on this issue, I found one interesting protective element that does not require the modification on daily life habits. Perhaps you only need to pay attention on your male instinct behavior. That mean you better pay attention on the number of ejaculations per month.

Young men
The more ejaculation you can, the more likely prostate cancer reduction you get.

A huge prospective study from USA published in 2016 focusing on Ejaculation frequency related to the cancer risk. With the sample size almost 32,000 sexual-lives active men age between 20 – 49 years old and 18 years of following up program showed interesting detail as following.

Interesting information for prostate cancer prevention.

  • 8 – 12 Ejaculations per month is mean ejaculation frequency among population.
  • The more frequency, the more protective benefit on prostate cancer prevention.
  • More than 21 Ejaculations per month shows significant protective benefit.
  • This benefit is focus on a low and intermediate type on prostate cancer but not aggressive type.
old man
More than 21 Ejaculations per month shows significant protective benefit.

You can see from the data that the more frequent ejaculation habits, the more reduction of the majority cancer, low and intermediate risk type. It is not that joke or playing around! The frequent ejaculation can dramatically reduce the medical expense on cancer treatment and mentally side effects of the unnecessary low-risk cancer diagnosis. Let’s get safe from the prostate cancer and enjoy your frequent ejaculations.

Any questions, you can feel free to discuss with me.

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