Gonorrhea infection: Am I infected?

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Gonorrhea infection is one of the most complaints in my office. Typically, the most high-risk aspect of patients in this disease will be in young male along with the history of an active sexual intercourse. Patients will experience a purulent (pus) discharge from urethra and painfully urination within 14 days after exposed to infected partner. In this content, I will let you know related to the general information of this sexually transmitted disease, Neisseria gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea infection: Am I infected?
A nightmare for Gentlemen is, more than 50% of female will never manifest any symptoms.

Neisseria gonorrhea infection.

Neisseria gonorrhea is a human pathogen which is transmitted via sexual activity. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that newly 106 million new Gonorrhea cases are reported annually worldwide. It was reported that more cases in male due to a show-symptom and more incidence among men whom having sex with men (gay).

Gonorrhea infection is reported more in men whom having sex with men.

The nightmare for Gentlemen! More than 50% of female will never manifest any symptoms, and then the vaginal discharge, painful urination and pelvic pain can be little cautious signs for female patients.  Gentlemen with over than 90% will be symptomatic once infected with Gonorrhea. Since Gonorrhea infection is clinical diagnosis so the confirmation test, it just an optional for individuals.  Latest invented nucleic acid amplification test kit (NAATs) gives us more than 95% detection rate with simple first catch of urine sampling.

Urine test
Latest technology on special urine test is reported more than 95% detection rate.

When Gonorrhea infection has been diagnosed, couple therapies are recommended due to Gonorrhea always co-infected with Chlamydia bacteria. Basically, the patients must receive one intramuscular injection shot and another with oral tablets to complete course. The most essential part, if suspicious partner has been considered, so they might have to receive the same regimen treatment in order to complete the eradication of the root that caused infection.

IM injection
Intramuscular antibiotic injection is recommended when Gonorrhea infection has been diagnosed.

Sometimes the question will rose up like; if we don’t treat Gonorrhea, and what will happen? Absolutely, it will induce serious complication on reproductive health for both male and female, a chronic unexplainable pelvic pain, infertility issue or even abortions for instance.

Fortunately, Gonorrhea infection is very easily treating matter, but patients still need to follow the post-treatment instructions as below.

  • Abstaining from sex at least 1 week during therapeutic
  • Considering on the safe sexual method for example using condom if you have sex with outsider sex partner. There was a report that 27% of diagnosed HIV infection patients have had the gonorrhea infection history within 12 months. What a risky from sexual activity improper! Don’t try to put yourself at risk! Take care and stay safe from gonorrhea!

Any questions, you can feel free to discuss with me.

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