Balanoposthitis: Common penile skin infection


This topic we will discuss on the common penile skin infection or we called it “Balanoposthitis”. Penis is the male sex organ which lies in private area of gentlemen. In my opinion, this organ is very prioritized and valued equivalent to a couple parts like heart and brain in our physical body. If there’s something abnormal or unpleasant happening to our penis, it will cause sense or irritation and upset to the patients. For thing it is not an easily way to get somebody talk to or discuss deeply with.

Balanoposthitis: Common penile skin infection
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The “Balanoposthitis” is a combination between medical term called “Balanitis” which meaning to the inflammation of penis’s gland, and “Posthitis” which refers to the inflammation of the preputial skin (the skin that cover the head of penis) so Balanoposthitis is a general word for any kind of inflammation in the private areas.

The prevalence of the disease will be covered in all ages, and around 12% – 20% mostly precipitate from a poor hygiene. Either boys or adults can suffer from this kind problem with various etiologies for instant;

Etiologies of Balanoposthitis varies among age group.

  • Pediatric usually has history of physiologic phimosis and poor hygiene
  • Adults usually has history of uncircumcised prepuce with diabetes mellitus
Smegma is flour-like appearance lies beneath the penile skin. Foul smell is unique characteristic.

The mechanism of the inflammation caused from the moisture substances such as sweats, urines and smegma (Natural secretion from genital sweat gland) trapped in the penile skin layers which is a perfect means for bacterial colonial. Patients who suffering from Balanoposthitis always visited me along with the penile pains, itchy, rashes and redness, sometimes even a foul smell discharged in a severe case. Full medical history taking, and physical examination must be done to confirm the diagnosis and etiology of Balanoposthitis. In case that bacterial infection causing, the antiseptic ointment and oral antibiotic are recommended. The important things to remind is, we must tell the patient to do the modification on hygiene, keep hygiene for Balanoposthitis prevention in the future. The circumcision it just an optional procedure which has confirmed that it helps to reduce this kind of problem around 68% for the recurrence rate of this disease.

Antiseptic ointment is first-line management for Balanoposthitis issue.

If you have any questions, please try to find the accurate answers from your trusted urologist or if you would like me to help, I’m glad and this is my pleasure. Text me for anything you’d like to ask. Stay away from Balanoposthitis!

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