25% Podophylline solution for Genital wart: Why? And How?

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Genital warts considered as a problem that most of patient putting the complaint very often at Urology clinic. As the matter fact it was a Human papilloma virus (HPV), and it’s been mainly causing the problem to the cosmetic-related disease which is sometime it’s hard to get eradicated by the medicines.

25% Podophylline solution for Genital wart: Why? And How?
Genital wart – Reference http://www.MDedge.com

The important statement that we’d like to inform the patients is that, it just a simple benign and rarely to see this thing turn to be a malignancy. Then one thing that we most worry about for this condition, I can say — the cosmetic-aspect-related only. In this topic, I will mainly targeted and focus on a “small” size only.

Small size Genital wart can be removed by 25% Podophylline solutions. The solutions has the efficacy on the chemical burning, so it can flatten the unpleasant skin lesions which is caused from an HPV-related skin disease.

25% Podophylline solution

After reviewing the literature, a 25% Podophylline solutions has 20% chances to remove such those small lesions within 1 week and another 60% chances will work within 5 weeks as the simplicity solution used. Anyway, everything has pros and cons, the main side effect of a high concentrated Podophylline solution is an unwanted normal surrounding skin burning and sometimes it can cause a severe burning to your skin in case that the improper using happens.

Vaselin – Reference http://www.vaseline.com

Instruction for a 25% Podophylline solution over the small Genital warts

***Please strictly follow the instruction due to risk can cause a severely skin burn***

  1. Wash genital area with liquid soap and water
  2. Dry out the genital area with towel or dryer
  3. Identify all small genital warts
  4. Apply Vaseline cream all over genital warts and surrounding skin (This method will prevent unwanted skin burn)
  5. Soak 25% Podophylline solution with cotton bud and drop the solution only 1 drop in each small Genital wart
  6. Recheck again whether all of the genital wart are applied with the solutions
  7. Use another clean cotton bud to wipe out the overflow Podophylline solution that reached to the other unwanted skin areas
  8. Keep the solutions burning Genital warts for 4 hours then washing the genital area gently with water.
  9. You will allow applying a 25% Podophylline solutions once a week only or it will take a very high concentrated solution. You can repeat until you felt satisfy the outcome.
  10. Even the Genital wart has gone, but you still need to do self-examination regularly, because it probably recur again and again
Cotton bud
Clean cotton bud

Genital wart is a cosmetic-concerned disease that can impact the mental trauma to someone who was suffering. The 25% Podophylline solution is one option that can get rid of them, but patient must be some kind of a self-disciplined and be patient in stuff. Since the Genital warts is recurrent-always disease, HPV vaccination has role in reducing recurrence rate.

Any questions, you can feel free to discuss with me.

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