Am I suffering from the testicular infection?

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Soarawee Weerasopone, MD

Royal Phnom Penh hospital, Kingdom of Cambodia

Another common infection-relatively at the genitalia for Gentleman, that is so called- infected testicle which made patients come to see me along with the painful and swelling at his balls. As we knew that a simple men has 2 testes in his scrotal sac, but it is very uncommonly to be infected both of them at a single time. Actually, it is not only the testicle organ that I want to talk or mention by now, the infection of testicle mostly involved and relates to the other organs that called Epididymis.

The Epididymis is a tubular structure attached to the posterior and superior side of each testicle where the sperm maturing before ejaculation. Regards to this both organs lie very adjacent so the infection often affects of this both organs and the medical term called it the “Epididymo-orchitis”.

E coli
E coli is the most common bacterial-related cause.

Sound likes the bladder infection; the major causes of this kind of infection happens from retrograde bacterial gliding from the urethra and stir up then caused it, another  which very commonly it is a sexually transmitted disease which referred to Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, both of them are the trigger. Occasionally, that the Epididymo-orchitis derived the cause of the repetitive physical activities.

Bacteria in colon
E coli live peacefully in our GI tract but not Urinary tract system

After the completion of evaluating, treatments will be based on the suspicious causes and symptoms which majoring divided into 2 options

  1. Bacterial infection – Oral Fluoroquinolones antibiotic course is recommended, anyway we must readjust the proper antibiotic once again based on the specific pathogen which we will know from the urine culturing.
  2. STDs – Proper cocktail therapies are needed to complete and eradicate Chlamydia and Gonorrhea infection.

Pains control can be well-managed with anti-inflammatory drugs and ice packs. It is good to tell the patients that, if we’re coming in the correct path, the pains will rapidly relieved first, but the swelling of the testis needs times to be recovered, perhaps months.

STD prevent
Always use condom when at risk of STDs-exposed

It’s remarkably to root out the causes when patient getting improve and we need to advise them for the prevention of recurring, water drinking habits must change and adjustable, should’ve more concerned for STDs or any abnormal structural defects and consider on how it could be adjusted?

The most important thing before diagnostic of Epididymo-orchitis, first of all we need to ensure that the patient’s conditions is not a testicular torsion symptom, the urgent urologic condition which remains surgical correction happens unless patient might take risk of losing his balls. If you are suffering from this kind of problems, you better seek out the trusted urologic advice.

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