Bladder cancer, so do I?

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Dr Pom Getbutton

Soarawee Weerasopone, Urologist

Samitivej Sriracha hospital, Thailand
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Hematuria : Medical term of bloody urination

Bladder cancer is the most common cancer in our urinary tract system. Blood in urine (Hematuria) without pain. In the classical normal appeared symptoms, there have been 2 major risk factors that could lead to the cancer. Smoking and Occupational exposure to certain chemicals. We will talk a little bit in detail about that.

2 Major risk of Bladder cancer

  1. Smoking
Smoking is a major risk in Bladder cancer
Smoking is a major risk in Bladder cancer

Tobacco consumption is the most relatively risk factor which can increase the Bladder cancer. It is about 50% of the patients came up with the history of smoking. As you know that smoking cigarette will double risk up to 600% higher if we compare with a non-smoker. The risk will absolutely relate to the duration and intensity of smoking. Even you have been tried to quit or halt smoking but either way your cancer risk rate still high for decades as well. The question about electronic cigarettes on this cancer still questionable either.

  1. Occupational at risk
Occupations that related with Petroleum product are also at risk of Bladder cancer
Occupations that related with Petroleum product are also at risk

10 – 20% of patients have been reported for specific at-risk-occupations. Every stuff which unable to avoid from inhaling chemicals used in the manufacture of dyes , paint, rubber, petroleum products. That kind of risks can be adjusted or modified by the industrial work-safety guidelines.

Once someone suffered from blood urination, I’m highly recommended you to find medical experts as soon as possible. Urologists in this way will take advantage probably. When you get to the consultation room, physicians will ask you a full medical history along with physical examination or specific urine examination. More important, we must make it very clearly and surely whether a condition that you are in now could  possibly lead to suspect bladder cancer, bladder infection or kidney stone or not? So the CT contrast right here will take advantage and roll perfectly as part of the imaging investigation for the Bladder cancer suspicious.

Hematuria urine bag
Bloody urination extremely upset the one whom suffered

Currently, the endoscopic surgery plays such an amazing role in Bladder cancer organizing. It is being used for both tools in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. But for the case that it is a tumor! As you know that tumor will more likely a cancer spreading stage. We want to tell you that we won’t do any surgery when the cancer was being spread. Actually, I want to tell you that, if you have the conditions as I was mentioned above and you’ve felt abnormal within yourself for few thing related to the statement above, please find the proper consultation and diagnostic. Remember “Better safe than sorry”.

There has been much more detail and information that I’m not be able to make it fit for one page summarization for you right here. If you are interesting to the topic or coincidently you have problem very similarity to the symptoms above, please find the trusted urologist for the correct and proper diagnostic and therapeutic or you can feel free to contact me. Be healthy my friends.

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