Why my bladder getting infected again and again?

Women bladder pain
Soarawee Weerasopone, MD

Minimally Invasive Uro-Oncologist
Royal Phnom Penh hospital, Kingdom of Cambodia

It has been lately that I have talked about the first episode of the bladder infection. That is so-called “Acute cystitis”. Even a completed course of proper treatments, numerous patients still complaint about the infection all over again and again through the entire year. The medical term of re-infection bladder episode despite offer a proper treatment is being called “Recurrent cystitis”

The bladder infection episodes that has occurred 2 times or more than that within 6 months or counted as 3 times since the past single year over, it would considered as a “Recurrent cystitis”. Greater than 30% of women who compliant frequently about the episodes of bladder infection was reported. This kind of problem wouldn’t a life-threatening but it has affected to our quality of life’s recession.

Women bladder help
Recurrent Bladder infection severely affect quality of life

There has been 2 widely accepted for the mechanisms infection

  1. Bacterial factors

Bladder infection it causes by either gram-negative or gram-positive bacteria, it is the most common problematic called Escherichia coli, and it is also a major element drives the recurrent cystitis problem appear once again. Some stains of E. coli having a very unique survival strong ability to attach vaginal mucosa and gone hide in the bladder cells while antibiotic interval occupied. After that it comes out once the completion the antibiotic’s course has end – this is a great example for the first mechanisms which is why the problem reoccur.

  1. Host factors

For people who immunity very compromised, so they are easily to get reinfection.  The infection can symptomatically shows more often and more severe in bladder infection problem than it should never be. A tons of immune response, inflammatory cells and human receptors which is related to this issues, but let me skip this point. Summarisation, please keep and make yourself be healthy, maintain and make it in well-controlled or well-balance, if you have a chronic underlying conditions.

Men bladder help
Men are also sometimes complaint Recurrent bladder infection issue

Beside these 2 mechanisms that I have mentioned above, there also have a several modifiable risk factors that many Urologists must find out and possibly make it solved.

  1. Behavioural factors

For this factor it must take us to have more concentration and attention, if we taking a good care of a young women who had suffered from a recurrent cystitis. Good number of sexual activities within one month, habits of more than one sexual partner and history of using some agents in the vagina must be considered. We encourage you guys to pass urine out one time after sexual activity, this is the recommendation.

  1. Urinary tract anatomy factors

One among the others who were suspects the recurrent cystitis, imaging evaluation very powerful to be diagnostic and working up for the detection and correction the causes. For example; kidney stone or any urinary obstruction problems. Specificity management along with the cause must be consulted and make it done.

  1. Residual urine factor

Residual urine is a significant sign related to the recurrent cystitis problem. There has been lots of causes that made patients who experienced in a condition of residual urine. In the meantime, it shouldn’t occur in a healthy people. More details for the residual urine evaluation shall re-evaluated and access or work up by Urologists, then to be good for you, please find your trusted one.

  1. Hormonal factor

Postmenopausal patients is easily to impact this problem, because of the estrogen lacking. Rich in estrogen tend to have more natural vaginal juicy and it is called a Lactobacilli, it is helpful on prevention of the infection.

That is a little information on the recurrent cystitis that I can give you for a page of paper. Actually, there more than that. If you have any questions, don’t hesitated, give me message or PM me. See you guys in the next topic.

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