Do all kidney stones will need therapeutics?

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Another simplicity consulting in my office which is came from the health checkup program, it was a kidney stone finding coincidently. The most common imaging modality, which had offered generally in health checkup, it was an ultrasonography. Ultrasonography is a medical instrument which is Pros and easy to perform it was save money and while performing no radiation to exposure at all. But when goes deeper at the performance, I can say that “Ultrasonography just the screening tool”.

Kidney stone detection by ultrasonography
Ultrasonography is a good tool in screening check up

Let’s talk about the Cons of ultrasonography in kidney stone detection.

  1. Operator-dependent procedure
    • it’s required the radiologist who experienced some kind of imaging stuff.
  2. High rate of false positive results
    • Despite in genius hand, we received not so much accuracy as we’ve expected, ultrasonography was reported about 45% good in tiny kidney stone detection rate and it is so tough to distinguish between the stone, calcified vessels and calcification in renal parenchyma which will twist patient about the result feedback.
  3. Difficult to perform for obese patients
    • Ultrasonography is a sound wave algorithm, so the thick fat tissue will interfere the sound wave algorithm while performing.

Once patient come to see me, I have to evaluate that, will the patient need to evaluate a definite investigation or not? The definite one is “CT scan”. Royal Phnom Penh’s CT scan application has reached the highest accuracy level in detecting a kidney stone at 95%, meaning that it can detect as small as 1.25 mm of stones. Some patients also scared and concerned with the radiation exposure from CT scan, But let me ensured you that, nowadays we used an extremely low dose of radiation, as low as 60 times comparing to the single shot of plain radiography, it was far away from hazardous zone.

Kidney stone detection by CT scan
CT scan is the definite investigation in urinary tract stone surveillance

Then let’s get start with our topic’s question! Do we need to grab out every-single kidney stone? The answer is “not every stones need to be grabbed” You know! The narrowest part of the urinary system is ureter, ureter capable to allow the traveling’s stone who sized at only 4 mm by its own without any hurt or pain. So if the stone’s size smaller than 4 mm, we will observe the clinical symptom which mean no need to hold any costly procedure in advance.

My suggestion, it is good for you to drink a still water just more than 2.5 liters a day.  A plenty of water that you have drink it will producing enough urines, then the pass out urines will kick the kidney stones out itself without any hurt or painful. All right, by the way, there is nothing 100% to depend on in term of medicine application. So rarely that the stone smaller than 4 mm also had reports of stone pain condition. In the meantime, you better find and talk with your trusted Urologist rather than waiting symptoms until it happens to you. For more details about it or you have any questions related to the topic above, please drop by my office and feel free to talk with. Thanks.

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  1. I had problems with urine incontinence (active bladder) my life was a mess; I couldn’t sleep for 3 weeks, beause every night as I lay down I get the urged but as soon I go the the toilet… Small stream and nothing. This was 8 – 10 times a night which effecting my overall health and well being, my quality of life went down hills. I found DrSoarawee Weerasopone on the Google search. Chat with the doctor he patiently listen to my problems and give an answer. He ask me to come in for testing. 3 weeks later my systom or ailments are gone.
    I would highly recommend Dr. Soarawee… If you are having issues dealing with urine incontinence; he will seat down and actually listen to you, and he has a great great personality.

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