Why my bladder got infected?

E coli
Soarawee Weerasopone, MD

Minimally Invasive Uro-Oncologist
Royal Phnom Penh hospital, Kingdom of Cambodia

There are so many patients came to see me at my office complained about the bladder infected or in the medical term we have called it acute cystitis. They asked me “Why was it me?” a few of them are suffering this symptom from the beginning, and more has been went through this either symptom for a bunch of times for their entire of lives. Despite they have been done for a massive researching on how to get themselves gone away from this problem. For this topic, I’m going to show you the bladder’s mechanism on how it got infected. Then you can visualise the whole picture of this bothersome that alleged our urinary tract’s system. Here we go!

Bladder infection caused from bacteria

Bladder infection can clinically be presented with the following syndrome;

  • A burning  or painful sensation when urinating
  • A strong, persistent urge to urinate
  • Passing frequent of urine
  • Feeling a pressure and pain of the lower abdomen
  • Blood in the urine (rare but always sound creepy)

Mostly the patients of the bladder infected targeting in female. We’ll see that the 10% of feminine was reported about the bladder infection in every single year and 1 female in that considerably at least one time suffered the symptom in her life time. The most common bacteria that caused the bladder infection are E. coli which is normally live in human’s large intestine. E. coli lives peacefully in the intestine but unfortunately it is creepy and it can get harm to your urinary bladder.

E. coli, it has ability to colonize the perineum and vagina while we’re passing feces after that it localizes to our urinary tract with leg like-creatures. The question is “Is there any natural weapons to defend our tract system from this kind of bacterial annoying?”  The answer is “Sure” it does! The normal urine can draw back the bacteria and especially, our immunity capable to kill the bacteria before it rival our bladder or unary tract system. But the vital ability of the bacteria is that it capable to camouflage inside our bladder’s cell and avoiding from getting eradication by natural defending.

UTI always annoyed patient

If the bacteria reached out our bladder’s cell in the end, so finally, our urinary symptom as we’re mentioned are going to happen or we can say that the bladder was infected now.  In this phase, the antibiotic tablets will play a major role and very necessary for the oral taking. The rational in taking the oral antibiotic is, taking the right tablet with a minimum side effect along with the possibilities of the drug resistant problem in the future.  Generally, a simply bladder infection must not attack or happen to us more than 2 times in 6 months period of time or I can count not rather than 3 times a year, otherwise, we will consider as the recurrent bladder infection though , and if so it will be needed to work up something special to root out the cause.

Last but not least, a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush.  Prevention is always better than treatment. When we know how the E. coli got us infected. Here are the recommendations in bladder infection prevention (You’re always got counseling with a couple of sentence mostly, but sometime doctors didn’t tell you why)

  • Drink plenty of water > 2 Liters a day and keeping your urine color bright (a yellow urine means the water that you drink is not enough water)
  • Don’t delay urination – delaying urinating will gives time for the pathogen to enlarge the infection.

If you have questions or it isn’t improved even you’ve had strictly implement and changes on your behaviour modification, text me if so. Thanks

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