Endoscopic holmium laser kidney stone surgery

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The classical reports of endoscopic laser surgery in urinary tract stone have been launched by German and British since 1988s. With the extremely impressive success rate around 84%, the failure procedure were mainly caused by the flushing back of the ureteric stone to the kidney after being shot by the laser. Imagine that when the boxer punched directly to the face, naturally, the face where hit by the fist or the punch it scooted over. At the same time this point is the fundamental element that made it fail for breaking stone by using laser either, then the open surgery will mainly role in this practical circumstance for removing the stone. 

Stone pain
Stone pain always suffers patient a lot

The laser advancement in stone surgery were 31 years old for now, therefore, what about the new invention or improvement? Do we have it? Alright, let’s take a look; first of all, you need to know that all kind of medicines or operations will get pros and cons; one thing that we have to pay attention to is the “Patient Safety”. The first priority that we concern is that the laser, so make sure that the laser will no longer gets harm to the patients as well as the surgeons who perform the operation.  

There are so many types of laser which is being invented, and the profitable one for urinary tract stone is holmium: yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Ho: YAG), here are the strong pros; 

Holmium laser mechanism
Holmium laser mechanism

Pros of Holmium laser

  • Ho:YAG laser is a highly absorbed by water so it won’t get heat to the urinary tract system – there’s a report that some laser can drive the heat up at the system temperature up to 70 degree Celsius and it actually gets harm the kidney. 
  • New Ho: YAG laser generator always introduces new advancement of laser beam that can break the stone faster and rarely flushed back to kidney. 
  • Ho: YAG laser cannot penetrate more than 5 cm in air atmosphere, so no report of surgeon’s eyes got injured at all. 
  • Ho: YAG laser was reported in latest literatures with the success rate 95% – 96% in any positions of the stone along the urinary tract system. 

Royal Phnom Penh hospital has been installed the most advance Holmium laser generator which capable to reduce the proportion of the stone- flushed-back to kidney, it is the fastest operation and lowering the risky rate complications after done and shortening in hospital stay. For more details, you can come to visit me at the office. 

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