Have you ever feel urinating frequently without a cause?

Overactive bladder Feature
Soarawee Weerasopone, MD

Minimally Invasive Uro-Oncologist
Royal Phnom Penh hospital, Kingdom of Cambodia

There’re so many patients visiting my office with such problems—a frequent urinating for years. They have visited so many clinics and hospitals. They have spending a ton of money without any specific diagnosis. Have you guys or your relatives ever experience in this kind of problem? If you have, you might get trouble with the called “Overactive bladder syndrome”

Female urination
Overactive bladder Female

The international Continence Society has defined this problem as a Urinary urgency with or without incontinence. Usually, this symptom could have increased in a daytime frequently and nighttime as well. It has no proved infections or any transparent pathology. The patients normally complained about “Scare of urine leaked” and feeling anxious sometimes. Currently, there is no confirmed definition on how many times of a daytime urination should be considered as an “Over Frequently Urination”. To treat the patients I’m literally focus on the condition and symptom which is spoken up rather by patients. Yet nighttime, patients always say 1 time at least that they have to get up after sleeping.

Approximately 12% of normal population complaint about the Overactive Bladder Syndrome. And it is very simply in female, when they are getting old. A report of 20% prevalence is especially in women at age 70-year-old. When patients come to see Urologist, we will do the completion of history taking, physical examinations, frequency volume chart and also urinalysis to exclude the infection or urinary tract stone cause.

Overactive bladder sign

When we make sure that patients are not suffering from another severe problems. We will recommend the patients to adjust on fluid intake, smoking cessation and some dietary alteration. The oral pharmacotherapy also play major role in the overactive bladder treatment. The important massage we must let the patient know is that the “OAB cannot be cured”. If we sticking on the mandatory of life-style changing and take medication regularly and follows up, some patients will get dramatically improvement even some are still slightly better. In case of the patients are slightly response to the medications, we will continue the medication for a while then taper off the tablet. On the other hand if the patients just slightly improve or not satisfy yet with the treatment, we will introduce the procedure called “the invasive procedure” it is like an endoscopic procedure.

The core messages will be sent to the patients for telling that the symptoms is not a life-threatening, it’s only the interruption of the well-being conditionally. And I’m sure that the symptom is possibly to be helped and improved. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or visit me at Urology office.

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